Middle School Application

As we move from Lower School to Middle School, we have the opportunity to add additional students. In the Lower School, there is only one section of fifth grade. In the Middle School, which is on a separate campus, we add an additional section to our sixth grade, providing us with the ability to enroll between ten and twelve additional students.

Our Middle School program is focused on helping our students successfully transition into high school both academically and in terms of their social and emotional development.  

A full day of classes keeps our students busy.  Students have course work in the humanities (English and Social Studies), math, science and Spanish as well as an opportunity to explore the world of art, to become physically fit through PE classes and to experience the world of Performing Arts (music & drama).  Each year, more than 30 term electives are offered ranging African Drumming and Dancing with the Stars to Google Sketchup and 3D Printing and The Statistics of Football.  In addition to our academic program and elective offerings, students meet regularly with their advisor and participate in both grade and all school meetings. Middle School day ends with the opportunity to participate in Homework Café, a supervised after-school program which allows our students to get their evening work completed before leaving campus.

For more information, email Michele Sanchez, Director of Admissions or call 707.261.4522

Application Process for Grades 6 - 8

Step 1: Fill out an Admissions Inquiry Form 

Step 2: Schedule a parent visit to Blue Oak

Parents are encouraged to schedule a group or private tour of the Middle School, or to attend an Open House.  

Save the Date: Middle School Open House: Saturday, December 3rd at 1pm

Open houses are offered outside of regular school hours. They are designed to provide a more in-depth look at progressive education, our program, and community. During this event you will hear from our Head of School, visit teachers in their classrooms, meet current parents, and hear from our students and alums. Dates to be determined.

Step 3: Schedule a student Shadow Visit        

A Shadow Visit enables the student to spend the school day with a current Blue Oak student, attending classes and participating in all of the day’s activities.  Candidates for sixth and seventh grade visit with a current sixth grader, while candidates for eighth grade will visit with a seventh grade student. 

You may begin to register for a shadow visit as of October 10, 2016. Please email Michele Sanchez or call 707.261.4522 to set up a visit.

Step 4: Complete an application

Complete the Blue Oak School Application for Admission and submit it along with the $75 application fee. Students are asked to complete a Student Statement as part of the application process. Applications are due January 16, 2017.

Click here to apply at http://www.tads.com

Click here to fill out our online application


To download the application as a PDF, Click Here


Step 5: Request letters of recommendation

Request a letter of recommendation  from a current teacher.  Recommendation forms are provided in each application. Parents should also request that a copy of all school records be sent to Blue Oak. Forms are available in the Blue Oak application.


Step 6: Visit & Assessment             

Once the completed application is on file, we will schedule a full day visit to Blue Oak. Candidates visit the grade that they are currently enrolled in and will also have an opportunity to meet with a member of the Middle School faculty to complete a general assessment of their academic strengths.

Part of the Middle School Assessment process is to help each student make a personal connection with a faculty member. To accomplish this, we ask that on the day of their class visit, each student should bring three things that they would like to share.  They should choose things that would help someone get to know them better. The items  should be able to fit in a shoebox or a similar size box and could include things such as: a favorite book, ticket stub from a recent movie  that made you think, a photograph of a camping trip you went on, a medal from a track event – the choice is up to each individual student.  The important thing is to come to campus prepared to talk about why the things you have chosen to share are important and represent a bit of who you  are.  We also encourage students to bring examples of their academic work in their current school - perhaps a book report, a recent math exam or a project that was worked on in class.  

Step 7: (optional): Attend an Indexed Tuition Session          

Families who wish to be considered for tuition assistance should attend an Indexed Tuition Information Session or meet personally with the Director of Admission. Families  apply for Indexed Tuition through TADS, a third party provider who provides the school  with a detailed analysis of each family’s current financial situation. The TADS website is www.tads.com

Click here to apply at tads.com Haga click aquí para solicitar a tads.com

To apply for tuition assistance, click here