Blue Oak’s Community Meetings

Progressive schools have long held community meetings where parents, teachers and students come together to discuss important issues, hear presentations, and sing.  

At Blue Oak we begin and end the year with an all-school community meeting that ritually welcomes and says goodbye to members of our community. Two or three additional all-school community meetings each year gather us all together to, for example, learn about the work of various classes, sing, and hear spoken word performances.  Parents are strongly encouraged to join in these gatherings.  

At the Lower School parents are also always welcome at our Friday afternoon community meetings, which include singing, dancing, presentations from outside groups, and classroom presentations. At the Middle School a student or an advisory group frequently leads our community meetings, where discussion often focuses on community norms.  In this way the Middle School community meeting becomes an excellent site for our students to practice being engaged members of a society.  

Every eighth grader also has the opportunity to give a speech at community meeting. Parents aren’t regular attendees at the Middle School community meeting, which is more focused on day-to-day business. They are invited in when students give their speeches, or when there is a special performance.