Careers: Teaching at Blue Oak School

Blue Oak School seeks creative, hands-on, and skilled teachers who want to work in a highly collaborative progressive school. Blue Oak teachers have a deep commitment to the well being of children, and they take joy in spending full days in the company of exuberant young people.

Blue Oak teachers look for ways to extend learning into the community. They are confident about authentic assessment strategies, masters of disciplinary knowledge, and they embrace a “teaching for understanding” approach. They are devoted to a developmental approach to children, and they respect the importance of play in a child’s day. Blue Oak teachers are also life-long learners who model curiosity and intellectual engagement in their own lives.

Associate Teachers

Blue Oak regularly hires entry-level Associate Teachers in the spring for the following school year. Blue Oak associates are comfortable in the classroom, in the kitchen, on the hiking trail, and in the fields of our partner farm. Associates cheerfully pitch in with all the day-to-day work our school: from lunch duty and dishwashing to instructing small groups under the direction of a teacher.   

How to learn about available positions

When we have positions available, they are always posted on our website or on the California Association of Independent School’s job board. Individuals who are interested in teaching at Blue Oak are always invited to send an email of introduction to Richard Marracino, our Head of School. We look forward to learning about you!

All positions will be open until filled. Applicants should submit a résumé and cover letter to: @